Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Nav Domains - Get The Global Domain You Want!

Nav Domains
Affordable, Efficient and Fast...

Your web presence now is not just limited to .com or .net or even .co as well as some ccTLD's. Now, you can get the name you want with the extension you want to stand out from rest of the crowd & make the web marketplace your ground.

Time in and Time out, Nav Domains offers one of the best deals in the domain marketplace along with some free stuff to boost your web presence like free email accounts, user friendly control panel, protection, etc. and today is no different.

You can also protect your website & its data and content for $2.00 per month through our Trusted Sitelock which helps your site to be secure from the threats.

You can have Business Class email accounts from $1.00 per account with massive space to store as well as unique web client.

Besides such outrageous offers, Nav Domains specializes in offering Global Domain Names and we offer them CHEAP! And today, nothing has changed. Register a new domain from as less as $2.00 per year along with FREE stuff like domain protection, free email accounts, unlimited domain & mail forwards and much more with massive savings!

Some of the cheapest & best deals on Global Domains offered by us are as below:

.bid $33.00 $3.20
.biz $13.00 $7.40
.blue $16.50 $5.00
.click $9.00 $3.20
.cn.com $35.50 $5.00
.in $10.00 $5.00
.ink $31.50 $8.99
.link $12.00 $3.50
.mobi $16.50 $5.00
.pro $14.50 $5.00
.trade $32.50 $3.50
.webcam $32.50 $3.50

There are heaps more on our website. So, visit Nav Domains today and get the global domain you want at one of the cheapest prices ever available!

Hurry, offer lasts until February 2016.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Nav Domains - April Red Hot Deals

Affordable, Efficient and Fast...

Nav Domains present Red Hot Deals in the month of April for Domain registration, renewal and transfer.

Besides getting your branded business emails for less than a DOLLAR per account per month, securing your website and your client's database for less than five DOLLARS per month, Nav Domains have brought to you some super cheap domain deals.

Register top level global domains from $3.00 per year or Renew from $2.00 per year and Save up to 80% on our top deals.

.asia - $17.00  $5.50
.biz - $12.50  $6.00
.club - $19.50  $7.50
.host - $116.00  $26.50
.in - $10.50  $4.00
.me - $27.00  $6.50
.ninja - $22.00  $4.00
.pw - $9.50  $3.00
.website - $26.00  $7.90
.xxx - $100.00  $26.50

There are plenty of more deals on our website. So, visit Nav Domains today and get your domain at one of the cheapest prices ever!

Hurry, offer lasts till 30th April 2015.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nav Domains - Super Cheap Emails & SSL Certificate

Affordable, Efficient and Fast...

 Nav Domains, launches its new logo!

We have always been trying something different and this time we thought to change the appearance of Nav Domains itself. Something new, something different however everything else stays the same, just getting better.

The four blue triangles signify the products/services we offer - Global Domains, Emails, Web Security & Web Design. The top grey triangle pointing downwards indicate that we will always make sure our prices stay flat and low. The bottom grey triangle pointing upwards signifies growth, trust, delivery and optimum service and that we are always improving.

Along with the launch of our New logo, we are presenting something better and advanced - Super Cheap Emails & SSL Certificate.

You can now get your branded business emails from $0.90 per account per month.
Yes, that's right - 90 cents.
5GB of storage capacity plus powerful backup with 99.9% uptime guarantee.
Access your emails on the Go.

Also, we have brought to you Powerful and Enhanced SSL Certificate, starting from just $4 per month.
Absolutely correct - $4 per month.
Rock solid security with up to 256-bit encryption and comes with a secure Comodo SSL seal.

On top of some unbelievable pricing, we are offering Free trial of 30 days on SSL Certificates. Try it, then Buy it.
Plus get some new domains starting from $3 per year.

So,  get on to Nav Domains and get what you want for your online presence!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Web Security

Affordable, Efficient and Fast...

Has your website been ever compromised due to viruses, malware or bots?
Has your website been ever attacked by hackers?
Has your emails or website been ever blacklisted by search engines?
Has your website content been ever scraped?

If your answer is YES to any one of the questions above, then we have just the right product for you - Sitelock

And if your answer is NO, this is still the best product for you because hundreds and thousands of sites are attacked everyday, So why risk yours???

Sitelock protects your website from malware, virus, bots, hackers, identity theft and search engine blacklists. It is easy, economical and effective. It monitors your website 24X7 for vulnerabilities and attacks and besides identifying and notifying, it fixes them. So you can worry less about your website and its security and more about your business.

Sitelock's 360 degree scan and powerful firewall identifies advance threats before they can be exploited to damage your web presence and eradicates them.

Enhance trust in your customers and boost sales. Easy install and works instantly. Choose to be notified by text or email.

Want to know more, check out this video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUVPxcaEA8w

Choose Sitelock and stay online 24x7.

For more information and to Sign Up, visit Nav Domains or contact us on 1300 559 789 (Australia), +61 8 9207 1616 (International) or call us for free on Skype (username - navdomains)


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Register New Domains

Nav Domains
Affordable, Efficient and Fast...

A pristine world wide web is emerging due to the launch of hundreds of targeted domain extensions providing a completely new dimension to the web industry. It is being seen as one of the most exciting phases in the industry of web, therefore, Nav Domains have proudly become an active part of such an inspiring event.

The actual launch cycle of an extension is divided into various phases- Pre-order or Create a Wishlist (a list for TLD's of interest), Sunrise Period (trademark holders can register), Landrush Period (register premium names) and General Availability (anyone can register).
If you want to apply for trademark domains or want to secure a premium domain name and for any further information on Sunrise and Landrush phases, please visit - Nav Domains- New Domain Extensions

Register .today, .photography, .guru, .singles, .clothing, .technology and many more recently released extensions on Nav Domains at unbelievable prices and to top it up Nav Domains are offering a 20% discount on all new domain extensions, proudly holding the reputation of being one of the cheapest domain registrars in the world.

                            Use Coupon Code - NEWDOM to avail 20% discount

Hurry! Limited Time Only.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Domain Extensions - Make Your Wishlist

New Domain Extensions
Affordable, Efficient and Fast...

Its a GO for the launch!! Hundreds of New Domain Extensions are coming your way and will provide you the best possible opportunity to portray yourself and your brand in this new era of web.

With the launch of new domain extensions you can literally register yourdomain.whateveryourwant  in various available categories - travel, leisure, technology, hobbies, services and many more.

Since new domain extensions will launch over a period of time, you can start making your Wishlist on Nav Domains and be the first to receive alert emails about the launch of extensions you have shown interest in.

As the exact launch timeline is still uncertain, we recommend you place your pre-orders or create your Wishlist. We will keep a track of the launch plan for every new released extension and will inform you as soon as it is available for registration.

The best part about making the Wishlist is - IT's FREE!

So visit, click, make your Wishlist and be the first to step in the bigger world of internet.

For more info, visit Nav Domains or contact us on 1300 559 789 (Australia), +61 8 9207 1616 (International), Email or on Skype (username - navdomains).

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Predo - Premium Domains

Nav Domains
Affordable, Efficient and Fast...

Nav Domains are pleased to announce the launch of domain buying and selling platform - Predo, where you can not only buy high value, catchy and rich keyword .com's but also other gTLD's and ccTLD's enabling you to reach vast target audience and attract more traffic.

Premium Domains are domains which are already registered but are up for sale by the domain owner. With premium domains you can:

  • Get catchy, memorable and keyword rich domains
  • Attract more traffic by buying established domains that boast of an excellent page rank
  • Great SEO potential because of already existing and keyword rich names
  • Get better branding for your products, services, portals, blogs and more.

Search for premium domains by entering a keyword in the search box on the page, select your price range and Predo will display all available premium domains relating to your keyword. Choose the best, click add and place the order. Once we receive the request, the transfer of ownership will take up to 7 business days and will be confirmed via email.

For more information on Predo and Premium Domains please visit the link below:
Predo - Premium Domains

Saturday, August 10, 2013

One of the Cheapest Domain Registrars

Why Choose Nav Domains? Why Nav Domains is one of the Cheapest Domain Registrars in the market today?

Well, Nav Domains is indeed one of the cheapest registrars in the domains market today offering rock bottom pricing on domain registration, transfer and renewal. Nav Domains also offer email hosting and website builder plans with complete hosted solution. With over 75 TLD's (gTLD's and ccTLD's) on offer, you are bound to find the best suitable domain name available.

Along with cheap domain registration, transfer and renewal prices, Nav Domains offer free add-on services with your domain.

The team at Nav Domains successfully carried a professional research including some of the major domain registrars like Crazy Domains, Go Daddy, Name Cheap, etc. along with personal experience to indicate why they are indeed one of the cheapest in the market. The results are as below:

The current average .com registration price is $9 p/y where as Nav Domains offer .com at $11 p/y -
$2 above the average price. The immediate cost to register a domain seems a bit high compared to major registrars like Crazy Domains, Go Daddy, Name Cheap, etc. but its still low as compared to other registrars like 1&1, Tucows, Enetica, etc.

Now lets come to the important part - DNS management (A record, MX Record, etc), Privacy Protection, Theft Protection, Emails and many more.

Most of the major registrars do not offer Free DNS management (to manage MX, TXT, A, CNAME record), they charge anywhere between $8-$18 p/y increasing the domain price to $17-$27 on average. The same goes with Privacy Protection, most registrars charge anywhere between $6-$14 again boosting the price up to $23-$41 on average. These are some of the hidden costs that a general user seems to be unaware of at the time of registration.

So, now the average cost of .com which seems $9 isn't exactly $9 because of the general DNS management cost and privacy protection which seems to be a major constitution of a domain, especially DNS management. Hence, a .com domain with major registrars is being registered for $17-$27 p/y approximately.

So, Why Nav Domains and why is Nav Domains cheaper to register a domain?

Nav Domains offer .com registration for $11 and with no hidden costs i.e. Nav Domains offer Free Emails along with domain, Free DNS Management, Free Privacy Protection and Theft Protection.
Where others are charging a reasonable fee for domain services, Nav Domains offer it for Free - Absolutely FREE!

Therefore, the pricing at Nav Domains to register, transfer and renew domain is much lower as compared to major registrars along with all the added benefits for free.

Don't just take my word for it. Check few domain comparison sites online to make yourself believe -
Nami - domain price search engine
Find The Best - unbiased, data-driven comparisons

Contact Nav Domains anytime from anywhere using phone, email or even call for Free on Skype. You can contact Nav Domains via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ too.

Also, don't forget to keep an eye on the Promos they offer everyday of the year.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

More Insight on Nav Domains - Domain Showcase

Here's a bit more insight on the domain names as mentioned in my previous blog - http://navdomains.blogspot.com.au/2013/06/nav-domains-domain-showcase.html

The insight includes the domain name under our showcase and the global monthly searches for particular keywords within the domains to give the general user an idea of how much worth the domain names are under Nav Domains Showcase!

The below table shows the domain name and Global Monthly Searches related to the domain -

3dpages.biz - 9,900
topwebpages.in - 40,500
webpages.net.in - 1,000,000
scraptrade.in - 2,900
tradecurrency.in - 74,000
stockbazaar.pw - 2,400
tradestocks.pw - 74,000
packer.pw - 3,350,000
mover.pw - 3,350,000
hostingreseller.pw - 110,000
letsconnect.pw - 8,100
globaldomains.pw - 14,800
stockbazaar.asia - 2,400
trademarket.asia - 201,000
incrediblemalay.asia - 590

The below table shows the most searched keywords in the domain name and global monthly searches pertaining to that specific keyword -

3d - 83,100,000
pages - 68,000,000
scrap - 5,000,000
trade - 37,200,000
currency - 24,900,000
stock - 45,500,000
bazaar - 5,000,000
reseller - 1,000,000
hosting - 11,100,000
connect - 30,400,000
global - 55,600,000
domains - 2,240,000
market - 68,000,000
malaysia - 30,400,000
incredible - 3,350,000

So, both the tables provide a bit more insight in terms of the monthly searches related to the domain as well as to the keyword included in the domain name. Hence, it shows how valuable these keywords are and how well they can rank in search engines if the domain is marketed well with unique content.

All the domain names mentioned above are up for grabs. So, if you can make the domain name rule the web than contact me on navdeep@navdomains.com

And if you are interested in registering domain names or want to host your emails or want to start from the scratch and build a website and launch your site than please visit www.navdomains.com

*terms and conditions apply

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nav Domains - Domain Showcase

Nav Domains present the showcase of top level domains under its banner as below.

All the domain names are registered and have huge potential to become top sites. Yes, it will take some time to build traffic however the domain names include keywords that rank high on search engines making it easier to high rank the domains.

Domains are listed below along with some of the niche market they can cater to -

incrediblemalay.asia - Tourism, Tours, Guides, Flights and Accommodation (Primarily Malaysian Market)
trademarket.asia - Goods and Services trading, Export & Import
stockbazaar.asia - Stock trading, Stock portfolio, Revenue, Share Comparisons

3dpages.biz - 3D related content, Webpages, Animation, Graphics, Designing

stockbazaar.pw - Stock broker, Stock market related content, Stock and Revenue Portfolio Management
tradestocks.pw - Stock trading, Commodities trading, Share Comparisons
packer.pw - Goods packaging, Freights, Parcels & Couriers
mover.pw - Home Office movers, Freights, Goods Delivery
hostingreseller.pw - Domain Hosting, Email Hosting, Reseller
letsconnect.pw - Social, Advertisement, Telecommunications, Networking
globaldomains.pw - Domains, Domain Registrations, Hosting, Reseller

topwebpages.in - Websites, Designing, Website Builder, Forums, Blogs
webpages.net.in - Websites, Designing, Website Builder, Forums, Blogs
scraptrade.in - Scrap Metal Trade, Scrap related Business
tradecurrency.in - Forex, Currency Exchange, Currency Conversion, Money Transfer

All the above mentioned domains have the potential to become top sites if marketed well with original content and if adhered to search engine guidelines. SEO, meta titles and tags, unique content is the way to work towards top rankings.

So, if you feel the domain name as well as you have the potential to make it big than feel free to contact me via email - navdeep@navdomains.com or on Skype - navdomains to discuss further.

And if you are interested in registering domain names than visit our website - www.navdomains.com and register the best domain for you with special pricing everyday. Affordable, Efficient and Fast...

*terms and conditions apply